Features overview
Learn how you'll rule the design world with Defolio

Drag-drop Upload

Drag and drop, fire and forget, rock'n'roll - we turn boring into simple and intuitive. PSD, PDF, PNG, we know all the right acronymes. Just drag the file from your desktop into your browser, we'll resize, convert and store it. Boom! as The Man says, ready for sharing.

Private designs

Sometimes you want to keep things secret. Maybe it's the client, maybe you're not ready to show your masterpiece to the world just yet. You decide who gets to see your work. Perfect for working client demo or working with your team on that next super secret startup.

Public portfolio

Also known as the "full frontal". This is your home. You pride and joy. Give it some love. Here's your chance to shine, impress other designers and potential clients. We've given you the canvas, make us proud.

Feedback Loop

"Make the logo bigger" and "More cowbell!" is not the feedback you want. Suggestions and tips from rock stars like you are quite another thing. It goes both ways, give some love back to the community and help those who have sinned against the Ten Rules of Good Design.

Santa's Coming...

Over promising and under delivering is the fast way to failure but here's what we're working on — Dropbox integration, statistics, nicer project handling, version fight. Tell us, what's your pet feature?